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Free iTunes Codes and Free iTunes Gift Cards offers a great promotional scheme that ultimately greatly benefits people looking for free iTunes codes and free iTunes gift cards. They key to understanding how this promotional scheme works actually lies in its simplicity. to address the doubters that believe free iTunes card codes don't exist, please just go to the bottom of the page and read up-to-date user testimonials. We know it may sound silly, but there is actually a sound logic behind this scheme. And you better believe it, if these things weren't legit, this site wouldn't be up and visible at all.

So what's the trick with a Free iTunes Codes Giveaway?

This is actually a quite intelligent marketing promotion. Basically, this site is not about free iTunes gift cards or codes, it's about marketing other companies. As your mind immediately jumped to this part: YES, YOU DO GET A FREE ITUNES CODE ON THIS SITE, our point is made clear. You see, marketing is all about reaching the audience. While this site will show you how to get a free iTunes gift card or a code, it is actually about promoting other companies.

Why do they offer free iTunes codes?

All you have to do is complete a simple questionnaire posted by the real advertiser. These companies reward you for the effort with free iTunes gift cards worth $25, $50, or $100. Let's clarify this for those doubters again: there are no downloads included, there is no scam that requires you to enter your social security or whatever. This is a promotional campaign that advertises new companies and they reward you for it. At this point, you might wonder why don't they just give away money instead of iTunes codes and gift cards? Well, first of all, that's illegal and you cannot give away money without asking for people's private information, which again is illegal in the first place. But the second reason is even more relevant for this particular promotion. You see, people don't search for "how to get free money" cause obviously, that never happened and no one offers that. But many people search for "free iTunes cards" and that brings people to this page. And marketing is all about that: getting people to see your message. And for that reason, our partners picked this phrase as it is currently widely searched by a lot of people.

These are the actual steps to a free iTunes gift card

  • Pick one of our partners and follow their questionnaire.
  • Complete their steps and you submit your answers
  • Proceed to the link provided (NO DOWNLOADS) and claim your code.

Note that at times, there are only a limited number of codes for the day. But, then again, there are times you can complete more than just one offer and get more than one free iTunes gift card. We don't have control over this process and it may vary. Also, note that the value of the iTunes card you receive may vary and you are most likely to get a $25 or a $50 one. But that's a pretty good deal considering you don't have to do much to get it.

Why do we do this?

Like we already said it, we actually don't have anything to do with free iTunes codes. We were actually tasked to promote our partners, the ones that actually give away iTunes codes for free. We benefit from you completing their promotional course and we get paid for every successful completion. Granted, we earn a lot less than you, but we are counting on a large number of people that will complete it and make it worth for us as well. Naturally, now you understand why it's not in our interest to scam anyone and advertise like a couple of fake sites out there that say: free iTunes codes no surveys no downloads 2018, and then they ask you to download something. Our interest lies in you completing the questionnaire and getting rewarded. We get paid when it gets confirmed that you claimed the code. So leave a comment when you do and actually check out the comment section to see how many people successfully completed this promotion.

Recommendation: Register a new e-mail address with a reputable provider (Gmail, Hotmail...) and use that e-mail address exclusively for our iTunes code generator. This way you will protect your access and guard your privacy at the same time.

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